Students share their Business English experience

About the program

Business English is designed to teach you how to communicate more effectively in a professional environment. This course will improve your business English language skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. You will also improve your grammatical accuracy and expand your vocabulary.

Students will have the opportunity at the end of the program to sit the Cambridge BEC Vantage Exam, this is a globally accepted exam, trusted and accepted by leading employers, education institutions and governments worldwide (exam cost additional).

There are four 10-week courses per year, each intake being determined by the Cambridge BEC Vantage exam dates. 


The Business English course covers language relating to teamwork, the office, communication, corporate hospitality, company structures and systems, buying and selling, customer service, travel and conference meetings, reporting results, health and safety, marketing, presentations, jobs and careers.


Progressive assessments are based on regular in-class tests and projects.

Course commencement dates for 2017*


Start Date

 End Date

BEC Vantage Exam Date

1st Intake

9 January, 2017

17 March, 2017 18 March, 2017

2nd Intake

3 April, 2017

9 June, 2017 8 June, 2017

3rd Intake

17 July, 2017

22 September, 2017 22 September, 2017
4th Intake 25 September, 2017 1 December, 2017 2 December, 2017
*Please note that the Business English course will be offered subject to sufficient student numbers

This course is suitable for students with upper intermediate levels of English. Applicants are required to take a Bond University College entry test to qualify for the program and you may be advised to take a General English course prior to commencing Business English.