Vassilios, Italy, English

Vassilios Koutsogiannakis, EAP, Italy

Before Bond University College (formerly BUELI), I was finishing my PhD thesis and working as a sports lawyer in Zurich. I play professional volleyball and beach volleyball and am CEO of my own company. I decided to study at Bond University College as I wanted to get prepared for my postgraduate program by improving my English, especially my writing and speaking skills. Bond University has amazing infrastructure and a beautiful campus. The lifestyle is exactly how I imagined it to be on the Gold Coast: social, relaxed and motivating. The facilities at Bond are modern, useful and easily accessible for all students. Most of all I enjoyed the library, because it’s a place to study and get in contact with new/other people during a coffee break. At Bond it is a stimulating and multifaceted environment. It’s interactive, reflective and communicative, which makes improving my English much easier. The highlight of my study at Bond has been practicing my English and meeting a lot of different people from all over the world.

Vassilios shares his Bond University College experience